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Alyssa MacPherson was born at just 27 weeks and three days on February 17 2018 at Monash Children’s Hospital.

Alyssa spent six weeks at Monash Children’s Hospital after being born three months premature due to spontaneous, early contractions bought on by chorioamnionitis.

After Alyssa was born, she was immediately taken to the NICU. She weighed just 1030 grams, and quickly dropped to a low 850 grams, and was put on Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) support.

Alyssa continued to encounter many challenges along the way, being treated numerous times for jaundice and receiving a blood transfusion as her platelets were low.

At just three weeks old, Alyssa caught a cold and became very unwell. She was put back onto an IV for antibiotics and had to remain in her crib for days.

Despite these challenges, Alyssa continued to fight and met most of her milestones earlier than expected.

Liz MacPherson, Alyssa’s mother, explains “The staff were beyond amazing. They were so friendly and welcoming. They encouraged us to get involved as much as possible. We still get quite emotional when we think of how selfless and giving they were. We cannot speak highly enough of the Monash Health staff.”

Alyssa was transferred to Casey Special Care after six weeks at Monash Children’s Hospital, and is now living a healthy and happy life at home with her family.

Alyssa’s journey was captured through the heart warming video below.

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