On the day 


Arriving at Monash Children’s Hospital 

Please take note of the date, time and hospital in which your child’s appointment is taking place. This will be listed in your appointment letter.

Please also leave ample time to travel to the hospital and to find the appropriate parking once you arrive.

For more information on travelling to, and parking at Monash Children’s Hospital, please see our Visiting section.

Check-in and check-out 

On the day of your child’s appointment you will need to present to the front desk to check in. The hospital staff will ensure that your child’s details are up to date and will note that you have arrived. You will then need to take a seat until the doctor is ready to see your child.

Every effort is made to ensure that your child will be seen in a timely manner. Please understand that sometimes specialists need to respond to urgent situations which could mean that your child’s appointment is delayed.

Please also ensure after your child’s appointment that you present again to the front desk to check out. You can also re-book a follow up appointment if required.

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