Developed by the Monash Children’s Hospital Resuscitation Committee, this book is designed to provide clinicians with a weight-based guide to

  • Signs of clinical instability / MET call criteria
  • Medication doses in resuscitation situations (cardiac arrest, intubation)
  • Endotracheal tube size and positioning
  • Emergency management of seizures, asthma, anaphylaxis, and electrolyte disorders

Information is provided in a user-friendly, colour-coded layout. Tables and highlighting provide easy access to medication doses, appropriate dilution, and volumes to be administered. The book has laminated pages, is spiral-bound, and can easily be wiped clean. It is designed for use in clinical settings such as on a resuscitation trolley, in theatre, in the emergency department or intensive care.

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APLS Australia have recently incorporated the use of our book in their courses.  All medication doses and dilutions are referenced to standard resources, including:

The first edition of the Paediatric Emergency Medication Book is now out of print, and is no longer available for sale.

We are planning to release the second edition in February 2018.

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For all enquiries regarding the Paediatric Emergency Medication Book, please contact Dr Simon Craig by email:

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