Before your appointment 


What to bring 

When attending your child’s specialist appointment, please ensure you have brought with you:

  • Your child’s referral letter
  • A copy of your appointment letter
  • Your Medicare card
  • Relevant x-rays/scans/blood test results
  • A current medication list
  • A list of questions to ask the clinician

Preparing your child 

A visit to hospital can be a daunting experience for a child. Speaking to your child honestly about his/her upcoming specialist appointment will help to prepare him/her for the experience.

We suggest you tell your child:

  • Why he/she is going to hospital
  • What will happen when he/she arrives
  • Role playing what happens when you visit a doctor can also be helpful

You can contact the Child Life Therapy service on (03) 8572 3003 about how to best prepare your child for his/her specialist appointment.

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