Bryce brightening the lives of patients

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Patients at Monash Children’s Hospital are loving the turtle night lights that Super Max the Turtle and ten year-old Bryce delivered to children in September last year.

Bryce started the project after watching his mum go through multiple cancer-related surgeries and treatment, and couldn’t imagine how scary it would be for another child going through the same thing.

Each turtle night light comes with a small book that tells the story of how Super Max the Turtle came to have his magical rainbow cape and special powers to comfort others. With their Super Max the Turtle in hand, children can be comforted everywhere they go.

Bryce had an initial goal to raise enough money to buy six night lights, but by the end of 2016 Bryce had raised enough money to give 244 turtle night lights to children with cancer.

In 2017, Bryce fulfilled his goal of being able to give a Super Max the Turtle night light to every child who was diagnosed with cancer in Australia last year.

Thank you Bryce for brightening the lives of patients at Monash Children’s Hospital!

What the Channel Nine Today clip below.

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