During surgery


Where to wait 
On the way to theatre the attendant will show you the waiting room where you can wait while your child is in theatre. It is important to tell the theatre staff where you will be waiting.

The theatre staff will confirm your contact details prior to your child going into theatre.

You can wait in the waiting room or you can walk around the hospital – it is probably a good time to have a drink and something to eat.

If you walk around the hospital please ensure your phone is loud enough to hear it ringing.
We request that you do not leave the hospital whilst your child is in surgery.

If you have any concerns during this time the theatre reception staff can assist you.

Your child will be closely monitored by the anaesthetist at all times during the surgery. Monitoring varies for different children depending on their health and the type of surgery they are having.

All children will have their heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen levels monitored during the procedure. Additional monitoring includes ECG, blood pressure and temperature monitoring.

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