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To support the Art Therapy Department at
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Art therapy is defined by the Creative Arts Therapies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia as “the idea that creativity enhances the well-being of all people and is a natural aspect of all cultures and human experience…”  Art Therapy utilises a variety of art modalities within a therapeutic relationship for emotional wellbeing and mental health.  It incorporates non-verbal self-exploration, expression and communication.  It provides patients with an opportunity to recognise and externalise fears, gain personal insights, reduce trauma of the hospital experience and may aid recovery.

Adapted from Association for Arts Therapy in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore (ANZATA) and Australian Creative Arts Therapy Association. (ACATA)

Expertise and Services

Using a variety of art therapy methods, our team of qualified  art therapists creatively address the psychological, emotional, spiritual and social needs of patients and their families. Art Therapy may assist children and young people who may:

  • be experiencing pain, stress or anxiety;
  • require assessment for appropriate sensory stimulation;
  • be adjusting to a chronic illness;
  • require distraction and emotional support;
  • require coping strategies during their hospital admission;
  • relaxation and general wellbeing
  • treatment and healing of developmental, emotional and psychological problems or disorders.
Information for patients and families

Some of the techniques used may include:

  • Therapeutic art sessions
  • Creative play and experimenting through art materials
  • Mindfulness and relaxation sessions
  • Guided Visualization
  • Art assisted counselling techniques
  • Art resources
Acute Referrals

Eligibility Criteria

Monash Children’s Hospital Acute Art Therapy Service only accepts referrals from within Monash Health.

Internal inpatient referrals can be made directly to Art Therapy from Monash Health medical and Allied Health staff via EMR.

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