Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a form of creative therapy that utilises visual and creative expression to improve physical, mental and emotional well-being.  It aims to reduce anxiety and stress and address patients concerns associated with their hospital admission.

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To support the Art Therapy Department at
Monash Children’s Hospital:

About us

Art Therapy encourages insight and communication through art-making, process and creative play, within a therapeutic relationship to improve and inform mental and emotional well-being.  During Art Therapy sessions and the art making process patients have the opportunity to explore their creativity, recognise and externalise fears, and have positive experiences in a supportive environment.

Art Therapy services may include:

The team offers individual and group Art Therapy service, at bedside or in an activity room within Monash Children’s hospital.

  • Use of a wide variety of art materials for self-expression such as pencils, paint, clay, 3-dimensional materials, wool etc.
  • Mindfulness and visualisation activities to assist with relaxation, sleep and stressful events.
  • Group Art Therapy sessions to encourage socialisation, shared experiences and group art making.

The Art Therapy service champions’ creativity, insight, development of new skills and self-expression within a positive and supportive approach

Information for patients and families

Referral for inpatients can be made through the Patient Flow Manager (PFM).

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