Support Telehealth at Monash Children’s Hospital

Telehealth is a service available at Monash Children’s Hospital to patients and families, particularly those who live in regional Victoria, who may need to consult with a paediatric specialist by video.

We recommend that your first appointment with your paediatric specialist takes place at a Monash Children’s Hospital site. Subsequent consultations may be held via video from your local paediatrician, GP or other local healthcare professional’s clinic. We prefer to include your local clinician in the consultation to provide immediate local care and follow up. In some circumstances you may have a video consultation to your home.

Please note that the paediatric specialist cannot physically examine your child when consulting via Telehealth.

Video consultation may not always be clinically appropriate. Your clinician always has the final say.

Booking your appointment

Your paediatric specialist will send your paediatrician, GP or other local healthcare professional an email confirming the appointment time and including a link for them to click on at the time of the appointment. Using their computer or iPad, they connect online with your specialist.

If you are having the consultation from your home, you will do the same thing.

Follow up

Any follow-up appointment could be with your local doctor, at the hospital or by Telehealth video consultation.

Investigations or tests may be arranged with your local services, or you may need to come to hospital. Prescriptions can be posted to you if needed.

Phone: (03) 9594 4814


telehealth for families for web.mp4 from Monash Children’s Telehealth on Vimeo.

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