Music Therapy

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Music Therapy is a research-based practice and profession in which music is used to actively support people as they strive to improve their health, functioning and wellbeing. Music therapists incorporate a range of music making methods within and through a therapeutic relationship. Music therapy is different from music education and entertainment as it focuses on health, functioning and wellbeing.

Music therapists are committed to supporting people of any age and ability regardless of musical skill, culture or background (AMTA, 2019).

Music therapists collaborate with the treatment team in developing interventions to support patient outcomes. The music therapy service also provides regular education and in-servicing to staff and is available for consultation regarding the appropriate use of music for patients and families.

Expertise and Services

Using a variety of music therapy methods, our team of qualified music therapists creatively address the psychological, developmental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of patients and their families. Music therapists receive referrals for patients who may need support with:

  • Distress and anxiety management
  • Pain management
  • Medical procedures
  • Parent /child attachment
  • Developmental stimulation
  • Mood/emotional support
  • Adjusting to a chronic illness or treatment
  • Physical and psychosocial rehabilitation
Information for patients and families

Within a music therapy session, the music therapist may draw on a variety of methods and techniques to meet the patient’s individual needs and preferences. These may include the use of:

  • Singing familiar songs
  • Song writing
  • Recording your own songs
  • Music assisted counselling
  • Composition on computer based music software programs
  • Playing instruments and improvisation
  • Music relaxation sessions
  • Guided Imagery and Music
  • Listening to live or recorded music
  • Creating coping playlists
  • Music Library: borrowing instruments or recorded music
  • Therapeutic music lessons

Monash Children’s Hospital Acute Music Therapy Service only accepts referrals from within Monash Health.

Internal inpatient referrals can be made directly to Music Therapy from Monash Health medical and Allied Health staff via EMR.

Direct enquiries can be made by phoning MCH Allied Health Administration.

Phone: 03 8572 3003

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