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Monash Children's Hospital<br />
(main campus)

Monash Children's Hospital
(main campus)

246 Clayton Road, Clayton VIC 3168
+61 3 8572 3000
Monash Children's Hospital<br />
at Casey Hospital (satellite site)

Monash Children's Hospital
at Casey Hospital (satellite site)

62-70 Kangan Drive, Berwick VIC 3806
+61 3 8768 1200
Monash Children's Hospital<br />
at Dandenong Hospital (satellite site)

Monash Children's Hospital
at Dandenong Hospital (satellite site)

135 David Street, Dandenong VIC 3175
+61 3 9554 1000
  • Please remember every morning how much we appreciate what you do for our little angels that are given to us with special needs and care.

    The Basnoyake family
  • We had some AMAZING nurses and doctors. Thank you for helping save and care for Saige whilst in NICU and Special Care.

    Alicia, mum of Saige
  • Thank you to the amazing nurses at Monash Children’s Hospital. You are all angels from above.

    Amanda, mum of Lily
  • Monash Children's Hospital is brilliant. The doctors and nurses there are fantastic - not only are they incredibly amazing when it comes to the medical side but also so caring and kind.

    Chloe, aged 16
  • Not a day goes by that I don't look at my twin girls and think of the people that made sure I was able to do that. I'm not sure they will ever understand the impact they have on people's live. True angels!

  • We are so fortunate to have been cared for by all the brilliant doctors and nurses from Monash Children’s Hospital. We can't thank them all enough.

  • Thanks to all staff for their care and attention, and kindness, making it slightly easier on us as parents.

    The Hill family
  • We cannot thank you enough for the amazing care you took of our precious girl… You are all wonderful and we couldn’t have made it through such a tough time without you.

    The Charles family
  • The best hospital ever, they helped me even though they have needles. Forever for the rest of my life and they have the BEST FOOD EVER. Thank you hospital.

    Zac, aged 4
  • Thank you Monash Children’s Hospital. I very much appreciate your sincerity and love.

    Rebecca, mum of Nikolai
  • Thank you Monash Children’s Hospital for helping my brother and my mother. You are a great team.

    Lola, sister of Leo
  • We have been overwhelmed with your medical care, professionalism and kindness and trust little James is on the road to recovery. You all do such a remarkable job.

    Neroli, mum of Tabitha
  • You looked after our little angel with so much care and compassion. The doctors and nurses showed genuine care and understanding and are so patient with the children.

    Prue, mum of Benjamin
  • The care and dedication you showed was truly appreciated, you made our time on the ward as easy as it possibly could have been.

    David and Steph
  • Although we hope never to see you in such circumstances again, you definitely made it enjoyable.

    Rob, Emily, Melody and Jeremy
  • Thank you Monash Children’s Hospital for looking after me while I was unwell. You made me feel happy. I appreciate your time to get me well again and walking properly on both feet.

    Bronte, aged 15
  • Thank you Monash Children’s Hospital for getting me better. I hope to see you again, but in a good way.

    Chloe, aged 14
  • A special thanks for taking such good care of me and making me well and fit again. Thanks from my parents for bringing their smiles back.

    Harkiran, aged 13
  • The two week stay was quite emotional and overwhelming for us as a family but our son received the best care and treatment. Thank you Monash Children’s Hospital.

    The Neal family
  • We will forever carry gratitude in our hearts for returning the gift of life to our daughter. Thank you so much for your time and expertise.

    The Selena family
  • We really appreciated the expertise and knowledge you applied to give Mia the best possible care. Your gentle manner towards her was really valued. You inspired confidence. Thank you.

    Mia’s grandparents
  • Your commitment and work for our family is not only appreciated but will never be forgotten.

    The Carter family
  • During our highs and lows nothing was ever too much. We are so impressed with the care given. You are all amazing.

    The Henry family
  • We couldn’t have picked a better place for our son to get the care and treatment he needed. We are truly very thankful and pleased with the service and treatment he received. Thank you very, very, very much.

    The Chandra family
  • Thank you for looking after me during my stay. It made it easy when I knew I could relax here.

    Gabrielle, aged 17
  • Thank you for making our stay great. Amy says you are all AMAZING people.

    Yvette and Amy
  • No words can thank you all enough for the time and care you have given to Simone, from where she was to where she is today, thank you all so much. Thank you for everything.

    Sue, mum of Simone
  • Thanks for what you’ve done for Haley. Your care, your support, your smile, everything. Haley is so lucky under your care.

    The Kons family
  • Your care was exceptional. I could not ask for anymore care and attention than this. I appreciate everything that you have done for Matthew.

    The Matthews family

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