When you arrive



Admission will arrive to the ward by way of:

  • Emergency admissions from the emergency department and/or a transfer from the Intensive Care Unit
  • Electively from the Paediatric Day Admission Centre (PDAC) or the Day Treatment Centre (Clayton Only) on the day of admission
  • A direct transfer from another ward/hospital, from a clinic outpatient appointment or from a consultant’s suite
  • In some instances patients may be admitted prior to surgery or procedure if the individual clinical needs dictates

Monash Children’s Hospital Clayton: On arrival please enter via the Monash Children’s Hospital Main Entrance and proceed to the Level 3 Admission Desk.

Dandenong Hospital: On arrival proceed to the admissions desk at the front entrance. From there you will be directed to the Children’s Ward.

Casey Hospital: All admissions are to present to the admission waiting area upon arrival. From there you will be directed to the Paediatric Ward, Ward F.

You will need to present to admissions your Medicare number and/or private health insurance document.

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