The Monash Children’s Hospital Department of Nephrology provides expert management and treatment of kidney diseases in children.

Phone: (03) 8572 3000

About us

We look after children from birth until late adolescence and work with you to provide the best possible care for your child’s problem.

We provide both inpatient and outpatient treatment for all forms of kidney disease and can provide all of the necessary related support services, including:

  • Integrated multidisciplinary clinics in general nephrology, end stage renal disease and transplantation. Our multidisciplinary team — includes nephrologists, clinical nurse specialists, social workers and a dietitian — provide comprehensive assessment and evaluation.
  • A comprehensive program for children with chronic and end-stage renal failure.
  • All forms of renal replacement therapy, including home peritoneal dialysis, in-centre haemodialysis and renal transplantation.
  • Diagnostic services including kidney biopsy and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.
  • Continuous haemofiltration, haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis for acute renal (kidney) failure.
  • An Integrated clinic for the full spectrum of bladder and kidney conditions of infancy, childhood & youth (our Nephro-urology clinic is staffed by Nephrologists and Urologists).
  • Integrated clinic for vasculitis work-up and management (our vasculitis clinic is staffed by Nephrologists and Rheumatologists).
  • Integrated continence service with strong links to our Nephro-Urology specialists.

We see children with congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract, electrolyte disorders, hypertension, nephrotic syndrome, glomerulonephritis, haematuria, proteinuria, urinary tract infections, cystic kidney disorders, kidney stones, genetic kidney disorders, lupus nephritis, haemolytic uraemic syndrome, and acute and chronic kidney failure. We also assist in the management of bladder dysfunction including neurogenic bladders and day and night wetting.

Head of Unit is Dr Lilian Johnstone.

Expertise and services


Nephrology, Kidney Injury, Renal Failure, Dialysis and Transplantation Service: provides coordinated care for children with kidney conditions requiring inpatient care up to the age of 19 years. This service involves onsite dialysis and transplantation.


  • Dr Lilian Johnstone –Nephrologist
  • Dr Amelia Le Page –Nephrologist
  • Professor Richard Kitching – Nephrologist
  • Ms Yogarani Jeyakumar – Renal Nurse
  • Ms Melisa Dznakovic – Renal Nurse
  • Ms Caitlin Watson – Dietician
  • Ms Justine Little – Social Worker
  • Dr Josie Spataro, Clinical Psychologist

The team is also supported by play and music therapists, other Allied Health professionals, teachers, urologists, transplant surgeons, and specialist and general paediatricians.

Information for patients and families

Useful information sheets:

Useful links:

  • is a UK-based information resource on a variety of kidney and urinary tract disorders, investigations and treatments.

Information sheets for urological conditions:


For all specialist appointment bookings or enquiries, please contact the Monash Children’s Hospital Specialist Consulting team via the below:

Phone: (03) 8572 3004
Fax: (03) 8572 3007


Monash Children’s Hospital Nephrology Outpatients is a multidisciplinary clinic for children and young people with complex renal diseases. It is staffed by paediatric nephrologists, dietician, social worker, clinical nurse specialists and paediatric doctors in training.

Additional clinics for General Nephrology provide office based management of children with uncomplicated nephrologic disorders and is staffed by a paediatric nephrologists.

Vasculitis Clinic offers complete medical and allied health care for patients with SLE and other vasculitides with specialist paediatric rheumatology and nephrology staff.

The Continence Service located at Monash Children’s Hospital in Clayton assists in the management of children with day and night time wetting and provides continence management of children with complex urological and learning disorders. The centre is also a major resource centre for advice on paediatric continence issues for metropolitan, regional and rural paediatricians. The service is staffed by general and developmental paediatricians, paediatric nephrologists, continence physiotherapists and continence nurses.

Nephro-Urology Clinic provides surgical and medical management for children with complex urological disorders. It is staffed by paediatric nephrologists and urologists with strong links to ultrasonography and radiology and nuclear medicine professionals. This service, with the assistance of the Fetal Diagnostic Unit, also provides antenatal counselling and management of congenital renal disease diagnosed during pregnancy.


Monash Children’s Department of Nephrology provides several different clinics for the range of bladder and kidney conditions affecting infants, children and young people. Many include a multi-disciplinary team approach to management of the problem.

Outpatient clinics include:

  • Nephrology
  • Nephro-Urology
  • Continence
  • Vasculitis (Nephrology – Rheumatology)

The department provides ambulatory and inpatient services for children and young people with nephrological conditions ranging from management of urinary incontinence to renal replacement therapies including transplantation. Our department works closely with the Departments of Urology and the Department of Rheumatology.

A referral from a GP is required for these services. All referrals will be triaged by a nephrologist. Children not appropriate for our clinic will be referred to another Monash Children’s Hospital clinic (where appropriate). Please see below guidelines. Children not needing to be seen at any clinic will be referred back to their GP with an explanatory letter.

Please address referral to the Head of Unit Dr Lilian Johnstone. The patient will be seen by a clinician within this specialty.

Please see referral guidelinesMonash Children’s Nephrology Referral Guidelines

GP investigations performed prior

Please see referral guidelines.


Nil to patients eligible for Medicare.

Note: Patients ineligible for Medicare will be charged a fee for all services provided; payable on day of service.


Monash Children’s Hospital, Clayton and Kingston Centre, Cheltenham.

Head of Unit

Dr Lilian Johnstone

Referral process internal and external

Secure eReferral by HealthLink is now our preferred method of referral.

Find up-to-date information about how to send a referral to Monash Health Specialist Consulting Clinics on the eReferrals page on our website.

Phone: (03) 8572 3004

Referrals received from

Doctors with an eligible provider number.

Emergency referrals – any condition thought to be an emergency by the referring practitioner should be seen within the Emergency Department.

Urgent referrals must be discussed with the on-call nephrologist. Please contact the on call nephrologist through our Monash Health switchboard (03) 9594 6666.

Non-urgent messages can be left on (03) 8572 3004 (business hours) and will be responded to within 48 hours.

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