Education for Doctors at Monash Children’s Hospital


No matter where you are in your learning journey, Monash Children’s Hospital has excellent medical education offerings for prevocational doctors, paediatric trainees (basic and advanced) and for those already with specialist qualifications.

RACP Clinical Exam

Programs and events

Hi-5 Handover
At morning handover, 3-5 days per week residents and registrars present an interesting and relevant topic to each other concisely. It takes a lot of work to distil complex information into a five minute presentation!

X-Ray meetings
Every unit has a joint clinical and radiology meeting to discuss imaging from the last week. This is both a teaching and learning exercise as well as a helpful clinical meeting.

Unit-based clinical meetings
Each unit has a clinical meeting most weeks, generally involving doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. This is both a teaching and learning exercise as well as a helpful clinical meeting.

Journal clubs
Each unit has a journal club that runs either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Journal clubs are a longstanding medical tradition in which doctors present to each other papers from peer review literature. It is how they keep up to date with the most recent published information.

The 19th Annual Paediatric Update: Clinical Conundrums – Friday 12 May 2023
The annual Paediatric Update is a showpiece for Monash Children’s Hospital open to local, interstate and overseas health professionals. Held in May or June each year, our Paediatric Update: Clinical Conundrums poses questions for experts to address in highly clinically focused answers. We are pleased to be able to offer the 19th MCH Paediatric Update as an in-person and online event. Visit the Monash Health website for more information.

Download the 2023 event program flyer

Weekly educational events
In addition to these unit and team-based activities, we offer weekly educational events, including:

  • Tuesdays and Fridays, 12.30-1.30pm: Resident Medical Officer and registrar tutorial
    These are tutorials with two main foci – being either ‘survival skills’ (what you need to know in your daily work on the ward) or broader professional skill development opportunities.
  • Wednesdays, 12.30-1.30pm: Research meeting
    Research meetings help to set Monash Children’s Hospital apart as a tertiary paediatric hospital. They enable trainees, senior medical staff and invited guests to present their research at our Wednesday Research meeting, encouraging a culture of questioning around improving health and wellbeing. Through participation in discussion around research our doctors gain a better understanding of illness or treatment.
  • Thursdays, 12.30-1.30pm (with lunch from 12.10pm): Grand Rounds
    Grand Rounds are also a longstanding medical tradition. They aim to promote and showcase excellence in clinical care, research and teaching at Monash Children’s Hospital. They inform clinicians about advancements in clinical care and medicine-related science and provide a forum for discussion of topics of importance to Monash Children’s Hospital and health in general. They are also a forum for networking across units and disciplines within Monash Children’s Hospital. Presentations inspire, educate and entertain. Their learning objectives are in the domains of knowledge, skills, professional qualities and patient care. The standard is at the level of conference plenary or invited update/ presentation.

Exam preparation tutorials: select Saturdays, 9.15-11.15am
This is a tradition which in 2017 is in its 46th year, begun by Professor Arthur Clark at Queen Victoria Hospital and continued at Monash Children’s Hospital to this day. Thanks to the generosity of our patients’ and senior medical staff, in the lead up to the RACP paediatric clinical exam, candidates have a ‘hot’ long and short case practice, and a didactic tutorial on physical examination.

Online education
Some online education activities are mandatory for Monash Doctors (eg. hand hygiene, BLS, etc.) and are accessed via Monash Doctors Education or Monash Health Learning.

For paediatric trainees
We expect all advanced trainees employed for six months or more to complete a research project at Monash Children’s Hospital. See the Monash Children’s Hospital research pages and speak with your supervisor(s) regarding this.


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