Monash Children’s Hospital has a dedicated team of paediatric anaesthetists who care for children before, during and after surgery. We aim to help children go through surgery safely and to make sure they are comfortable after surgery.

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About us

Welcome to the Department of Paediatric Anaesthesia at Monash Children’s Hospital.

We have a team of Consultant Anaesthetists who are dedicated to providing our paediatric patients with excellent care during their visit to Monash Children’s Hospital.

All of our paediatric anaesthetic team have undergone sub-specialty training in caring for patients of all ages, from premature and newborn babies, to 18 year olds.

We provide elective and emergency anaesthetic services for all surgical specialties operating at MCH, and for other procedures requiring general anaesthesia, including diagnostic imaging scanning and interventions, endoscopy, and Children’s Cancer Centre treatments. In addition, anaesthetic support is often required for insertion of mid to long term venous access lines for children who need an extended period of intravenous therapy.

As specialists in paediatric anaesthesia, we recognise that an admission to Monash Children’s Hospital might be stressful for our patients and their carers, and we will do our best to help make your experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible

Our team of paediatric anaesthetists will strive to provide safe, high quality anaesthesia and pain control to our patients throughout the peri-operative period.

We also have a dedicated pain management service.

More information / resources

For contact details of Monash Anaesthesia, please visit the Monash Health website.

Monash Children’s Hospital Anaesthesia Consultants

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