The Capture Kit brings joy to parents at our NICU

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Joshua was admitted to the NICU at Monash Children’s Hospital after being born at just 24+2 weeks.

When Joshua was first admitted his parents received a Capture Kit, which allows our staff to take photos of newborns while they are at the NICU for their parents to take home.

Parents of babies born under 28 weeks are also given a diary to track their newborn’s progress throughout their journey.

The Capture Kit is designed to decrease depression, anxiety, loss of control and self blame that parents experience when their baby is admitted to the NICU.

Cassandra Prezioso, one of our incredible Registered Nurses in The Nest, was inspired to create the Capture Kit when she realised there were many moments that her team wish they had a camera to take photos to show parents when they came to visit.

She reached out to Canon Australia, who agreed to sponsor the project and provide our staff with the equipment needed to make the Capture Kit a reality.

“I wanted to implement a tool that would help keep parents connected to their infants even after mum’s were discharged home. The Capture Kit does this by capturing the precious moments that these parents would otherwise have missed.”

Over 30 Capture Kits have been distributed, and they continue to have a positive impact on the emotional health and well being of parents.

“I always love seeing his photos and it feels great knowing that I can see his progress even when I can’t be there”, a parent explains.

Thank you to Canon Australia for kindly donating a camera and SD cards for our staff to document the incredible journey of our patients in the NICU.

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