Supertee transforms four brave patients into superheroes

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On Friday 26 October Supertee unveiled the incredible artwork created in collaboration with Story Art Australia that transformed four brave patients at the Monash Children’s Hospital into superheroes.

Jason Sotiris created Supertee when his daughter Angela was hospitalised with a rare cancer after her first birthday, and he struggled to change her hospital gown.

The Supertee is a new children’s medical garment designed by Jason and his best friend Yusuf Muklis that is X-RAY and MRI friendly, providing comfort and building courage for young patients.

“Supertees are shaped to cover as much of the body as possible and can be easily removed, bypassing the arm with an IV line, central lines and monitoring cables, altogether reducing the need for nurse assistance”, Jason explained.

The superhero theme was inspired by Jason’s three year old son who dressed up as Batman to save his younger sister.

“There is research showing pretend play, like being a superhero, helps a child put psychological distance between themselves and the problem at hand. It’s known as ‘The Batman Effect’ and allows children to step back from a problem and think about it from multiple angles, seeing different options for a solution. It helps fight boredom and keep up morale for children”, said Jason.

Supertee reached out to Karen Alsop at Story Art Australia to help them create an artwork featuring four patients at Monash Children’s Hospital who are overcoming major health challenges.

The four brave superheroes, their families, friends, staff and patients came together for the unveiling of the artwork, and were joined by their favourite superhero characters in cosplay, who donated Supertee’s to patients in the wards.

The artwork was kindly donated to the Monash Children’s Hospital where it will be displayed to remind all of our patients that they are superheroes.

For more information about Supertee click here.


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