Georgie, Luke and Daniel fundraise for cancer patients

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Do your kids wonder where you rush off to work every day?

Natalie Radin, Nurse Unit Manager at the Children’s Cancer Centre thought it would be a great idea to show her children where she goes to work each day. Natalie brought her daughter Georgie, along with family friends, Luke and Daniel to the opening of the new Monash Children’s Hospital in April this year.

The kids were so impressed with the new children’s hospital that they decided they wanted to help the sick children Natalie sees every day.

Georgie, Luke and Daniel busied themselves planning a stall to sell their old toys and raise money for the new Monash Children’s Hospital. The preparation started when the kids made loom band bracelets and collected up all their toys that they no longer played with. They made a flyer advertising the stall and did a letterbox drop to all the neighbours.

The following week, very excitedly, the kids set up a stall outside the house and sold all of their toys, raising an amazing $80! They were delighted to receive their certificates of appreciation from the Monash Health Foundation and are now planning their next fund raising event!

If you or your children want to support Monash Health in any way, contact the Monash Health Foundation today: (03) 9594 2700

It’s amazing how generous our children can be!


Pictured above: Georgie and Luke did a letterbox drop to their neighbours to promote their toy fundraiser.


Pictured above: Autumn, Luke, Georgie and Daniel busy selling toys to fundraise for the Children’s Cancer Centre.

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