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“If I could bear the burden of this disease… instead of my son, I would.”

These are the words of Kathy, an incredibly strong mum of five, who has spent many hours in the Monash Children’s Hospital Cancer Centre while her son receives treatment.

Kathy’s son, Gabe, was diagnosed with leukaemia in December 2017. He is only 9 years old. “I realised that Gabe had more than just a bad cough when he was struggling to run between the wickets during a cricket match. Gabe loves cricket but he had to have a runner finish the game for him”, said Kathy.

Gabe was rushed to the Emergency Department at Monash Medical Centre where a mass taking-up 50% of his lungs was discovered. He was admitted straight into the Intensive Care Unit for the next 3-4 days where he underwent medical treatment to reduce the size of the mass before starting chemotherapy.

Gabe faced a 12 month stint of harsh chemotherapy treatment to fight the cancer. “It’s so hard to tell how much pain Gabe is in because he takes everything in his stride. There has only been one moment, during this whole journey, that Gabe has said he couldn’t do it anymore” Kathy explains.

A year later and an extremely resilient Gabe is nearing the end of the most gruelling phase of his cancer treatment. He faces another 2 years of maintenance, but with less regular hospital visits.

Kathy is positive about the future and imagines Gabe finishing primary school and running between the cricket wickets once again.

Your attendance at the Kids Fun Run with Thomas event will help fund the role of a Fellow position with our Monash Children’s Hospital Cancer Centre, supporting brave patients like Gabe. “The staff here are incredible and we love supporting the fundraising initiatives which help the hospital” Kathy said.

Enjoy this fun day for the whole family on Sunday 25 November at the Kids Fun Run with Thomas event, Puffing Billy.

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