A father set to climb Africa’s highest mountain for his son

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On 6 February 2019, Floyd and 19 other brave adventurers will climb Mt Kilimanjaro. The Monash Health Kilimanjaro Climb is hosted by Inspired Adventures, and is open to anyone who would like to take on the challenge and support Monash Health. Each participant commits to raising $4,000 in the lead-up to the trek, supporting the purchase of vital medical equipment, research, and patient well being programs for Monash Health.

Floyd will be trekking Mt Kilimanjaro for his youngest son, Austin who was a patient at Monash Children’s Hospital 12 months ago.

“When Austin was first born everything seemed as it should, and for a moment I was the proudest father alive, but then Austin started turning blue. The team at Monash Children’s Hospital saved my son’s life. Neither words nor money could ever repay them for the work they have done,” says Floyd.

Floyd is among eight people who have already registered for the Mt Kilimanjaro climb, there are now only 12 spots left. For each participant, the reason for climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is different. But they all have one thing in common – a connection to Monash Health.

“I will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for Monash Health to honour the challenges my son went through, and to demonstrate my appreciation for the staff who saved his life. My son climbed the first of many mountains that life throws at you, now it’s my turn,” said Floyd.

To register your interest in joining 2019 Monash Health Mt Kilimanjaro Climb, please visit: inspiredadventures.com.au/events/monash_health_kili_2019

Together we can imagine a healthier future for thousands of patients like Austin.

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