Best friends prove the power of friendship can overcome anything – even cancer.

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Meeting in the worst circumstances possible, ten year old Georgia and nine year old Abbey knew they found something special when they met each other and found out they were diagnosed with the exact same cancers, 10 days apart.

They became so inseparable at Monash Children’s Hospital that their parents now call them “the cancer twins”.

Born only six months apart and living in neighbouring suburbs, the two spent four out of every five weeks in hospital over a 10 month period and became so close they looked forward to some of the 16 rounds of chemotherapy they endured together. At times when they were too sick to speak, the best friends would sit in the same bed in silence just to be near and supporting each other.

The only time the two could be separated was a fortnight in October as they recovered from matching operations to cut tumours from their legs — with Abby having 24cm of bone removed from the top of her left leg and Georgia having a matching 18cm section taken from her right.

Three months ago both girls received matching good news when they completed treatment and were told they were cancer free. Now out of hospital, they spend as much time as they can at each other’s homes.

Having seen the girls go through so much together, paediatric oncologist Dr Yoni Diamond expects them to be inseparable for life. “In the darkest of times they formed an incredible friendship and bond which is unbreakable and is a blessing almost,” Dr Diamond said.

“You wouldn’t wish it upon anyone and it is always a really challenging journey to go through. But if you can have someone with a similar background going through the same treatment, it is really rewarding to share your experiences and know you are not alone.”

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