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At Monash Children’s Hospital we love having the Starlight Room available to our patients and their families as a way to have fun and switch off.  Part of that fun comes in the form of the Starlight Captains who always put a smile on their faces.

Captain Confused and Captain Mystique say their favourite part of being at Monash Children’s Hospital is being able to play games and have fun with those who hang out in the Starlight Room.

1. What are the meanings behind your names?

Captain Confused is the master of mishaps and confusion and if you don’t look out he might lose his hat too. Can you help him find it? … argghhh!
Captain Mystique likes mysterious things and hanging out with her best puppet friend Filip, she also makes a few whoopsies and sometimes calls herself Captain Mistake instead.

2. What have you found to be the most rewarding part of being a captain?

We get to hang out with cool kids at Monash, have fun, play games and fly our red rocket ship from Planet Starlight every day!

3. When you are in the starlight express room, what are the types of activities you do with the patients and their siblings?

We play video games, board games, card games, arts and crafts, make balloon animals, face paint, perform magic tricks, general silliness and of course lots of fart jokes.

4. You stream starlight TV daily to bedsides in the wards, what types of things are shown?

We do live game shows and quizzes at 3pm every Monday to Friday, we also broadcast with celebrities and athletes, do educational chats and silly jokes live on air.

5. What is your favourite memory since being at the new Monash Children’s Hospital?

Meeting Darth Vader on a ward round with the storm troopers. He did not say much but he has really stinky breath like the donkey from Shrek!!

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