Catherine Andrews visits Monash Children’s Hospital

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Claudia Coll has been visiting hospital regularly since she was just six weeks old for Cystic Fibrosis treatment, Catherine Andrews visited Claudia in hospital and pledged to raise money through this years’ Run Melbourne for equipment that will help patients like her.

Catherine has been training hard for the half marathon on 29 July, with a goal to raise five thousand dollars for two vital pieces of equipment. She visited Monash Children’s Hospital recently to see firsthand how an AIRVO humidifier and nerve stimulator would benefit patients we see on a regular basis.

Claudia explaining to Catherine how the AIRVO helps her

Catherine and Claudia spoke about common interests, Claudia’s cystic fibrosis challenges and exchanged makeup tips and tricks. Claudia showed Catherine how an AIRVO humidifier functions, before Catherine toured our paediatric intensive care unit where General Manager, Kym Forrest explained how a nerve stimulator is used on our most critical patients.

The AIRVO system is a respiratory system that delivers high flows of air/oxygen mixtures to spontaneously breathing patients. The unit ensures properly humidified air, with our without high-flow oxygen supplementation. This helps to reduce the amount of time patients need to spend on supplementary oxygen, increasing their comfort and outcomes.

The nerve stimulator is used for our sickest PICU patients. When a patient is so critical that even slight movement can cause deterioration, the patient is given muscle relaxant to temporarily ‘paralyse’ them. It helps us gain better control of the situation. They are well sedated when this occurs so that they don’t have any awareness. We use the nerve stimulator to assess the level of paralysis in the patient and help us to adjust dosing. Currently we borrow from the Adult ICU when we have these patients.

To donate to Catherine Andrews’ fundraiser click here.

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