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It took Will Brown almost a year to recover from a terrible football injury that left him with a badly broken leg.

The first thing the nine-year-old did when he was back on his feet was thank the staff at the Monash Children’s Hospital Dandenong the best way he knew how – by going for a run.

The young footy fanatic was playing at school in the mud in August 2015 when another player fell on him, breaking his femur in two places.

Will spent 12 days at Monash Children’s Hospital Dandenong where he had surgery.

The young athlete was in a wheelchair for six weeks before progressing to a walking frame and crutches, and then finally starting to walk again – just in time for a second round of surgery in December 2015.

“Then he was back on the frame and started all over again,” Will’s mum Karen said.

“It’s a 12-month recovery process.”

Will started raising money for the hospital in January 2016, taking friends and family for a spin around his parents Echuca property in a refurbished golf buggy for donation.

He kicked it up a notch last month with a lap-a-thon around Mt Cannibal in Garfield North, running four laps of the rocky and hilly 2 kilometre track.

He raised $1,100, and in September he visited Monash Children’s Hospital Dandenong to present the children’s ward with an impressive array of cars, trucks, toys, games and DVD players.

“It was great to have a teddy bear to make me feel better when I couldn’t get around,” he said.

His mother said she could not be more proud.

“He came up with the idea and thought about giving, instead of just receiving,” she said.

“Most families have a child in hospital at some point, so I think we can all give something back.”

With a difficult year over, Will has set his sights on getting back to where it started – playing for Garfield’s under 12s next season.

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