Sneak peak inside the new Monash Children’s Hospital

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We’re excited to share with you this sneak peek at some of the amazing features inside the new Monash Children’s Hospital.

As you walk through the doors at our Main Entrance, you’ll see these colourful rods cascade from the atrium skylight. When the sun is shining they’ll create a gentle kaleidoscopic effect for the main reception area.

The hospital will also feature this incredible outdoor therapies space. For children undergoing rehabilitation or learning to use a wheelchair, this landscaped space features a number of inclines to help them learn how to navigate different surfaces and obstacles.

Patients will benefit from stepping platforms, hand-rails, climbing aids, and a trampoline for various clinical therapies.

With bright colours, shaded areas and set amongst landscaped gardens featuring native plants, it’s a stunning space for us to deliver world-class care for Victoria’s children.

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