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The new Monash Children’s Hospital is opening today. Follow our progress here.


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UPDATE 3.35pm:

Patient move complete!

At 3.35pm the final patient was moved from the old children’s wards in Monash Medical Centre to the new Monash Children’s Hospital in Clayton.

It has been an exciting and rewarding day for children’s health – we safely moved 26 children and 57 neonatal intensive care unit and special care nursery babies into the magnificent new Monash Children’s Hospital.

It took just under eight hours to move 83 patients, with hundreds of staff involved in making the move a great success.

Congratulations to everyone involved in today’s milestone event, and thank you to our staff for their dedication and commitment to the relocation of our patients. Your efforts today are what helped to make the move so successful.

All other Monash Children’s Hospital services, including elective surgery and specialist consulting clinics, will gradually open from tomorrow, Thursday 20 April.

The new Monash Children’s Hospital is located at 246 Clayton Road, Clayton.



One of the final patients moved today was six day old Billy, a special care nursery baby.




UPDATE 3.15pm:
The transfer of our smallest and most fragile babies continues.

Ward 5 Nest will be the new home for our Monash Newborn service, which includes our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Nursery.



UPDATE 2.20pm:
We have transferred 75 per cent of patients to our new Monash Children’s Hospital!

Our staff have been working carefully to transport our patients into their new rooms.

A total of 62 patients have been moved so far, with 21 babies remaining to be transferred to Monash Newborn’s new home in Ward 5 Nest.



UPDATE 1.35pm:
Sporting magic silver and purple capes, Captain Starlights welcome our patients to the new Starlight Express Room, adding fun, colour and laughter to today’s move.



UPDATE 12.15pm:
The move day is running smoothly and safely.

Patients are now settling into their rooms with their families.

Pictured below is Mum Tharanga and baby Kevin, safe and sound in Ward 4A Canopy.


Nine year old Willem relaxed and settled in his new bed in Ward 4A Canopy.



UPDATE: 11.15am:
After three months of careful planning, today Monash Health will move up to 130 young patients from two paediatric wards via bed, cot incubator or wheelchair into the new hospital.

Our new hospital will treat an extra 7,000 children and provide an additional 60,000 specialist treatments each year, as well as over 40,000 admissions every year.


Monash Health Chief Executive Andrew Stripp said:

“This is a really exciting day for us as our young patients move into this magnificent new Monash Children’s Hospital.”

“We have hundreds of staff involved in the move – a coordinated effort with extensive planning by our dedicated staff.”



UPDATE 10.40am:
Thank you to our friends at Radio Lollipop for providing smiles, balloons and music for today’s move.


Everyone has to move… including our Clown Doctors 🙂



UPDATE 9.30am:
We’re halfway there! Over 50 per cent of our patients have now moved across to our new hospital.

Wards 41 North and 42 North are complete.

The patients remaining are our smallest and most fragile babies, and will take a little longer to move to ensure they are safely transferred.

We hope to finish the move by the end of the day.





UPDATE 9.15am:
Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Health Jill Hennessy today announced $63.2 million funding for expanding Monash Emergency, including dedicated emergency department facilities for children.

Emergency areas for adults and children will be separated, ensuring children are treated with the privacy they need. Mental health patients will also have their own dedicated area.

In total, there will be an additional 24 emergency department cubicles and an extra 10 short-stay beds for patients who need care for less than 24-hours.

The redevelopment will also improve access for ambulances arriving at emergency, meaning patients will get the vital care they need faster, and address traffic and congestion concerns making it safer and more efficient.

Premier Daniel Andrews said: “The new Monash Children’s Hospital will provide the very best care in the very best facilities – and now they’ll have a world-class emergency department to match.”

Minister for Health Jill Hennessy said: “The new and expanded emergency department will mean sick kids can be treated quicker, in a calm setting that is respectful of their privacy and needs.”

Monash Health Chief Executive Andrew Stripp said: “We are delighted by the announcement of the Premier and Minister this morning to expand our Emergency Department – with a new dedicated area for children that connects with the new Monash Children’s Hospital and a redesigned space that meets the needs of all our patients.”

“This will improve access for children and provide additional capacity for the growing demand for emergency care in a child friendly environment.”



UPDATE 8.45am:
The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and the Minister for Health Jill Hennessy have arrived and are greeting patients and families as they make the move into the new hospital.

The move is now 25 per cent complete.


UPDATE 8.15am:
Move has commenced.

Sophy Mylonas and her teddy will be among the first patients making the move into a new era of care at the new Monash Children’s Hospital.

Six year old Sophy spent her first days under the care at Monash Children’s Hospital following her premature birth and has multiple admissions for her cystic fibrosis in the years since. Now she can’t wait to benefit from our new hospital.




Our new Monash Children’s Hospital is opening today. Patients are set to move from 8am.

All new patients admitted into Monash Children’s Hospital via the Emergency Department in Monash Medical Centre from this time will also be cared for in the new hospital.

Please remember that throughout the duration of the move, our staff’s primary focus will be moving our patients safely into our new hospital. We therefore advise parents that unless your child requires urgent medical attention, to obtain medical treatment or advice from your family doctor on this day.

General visitors will be restricted until after the move has been completed. If you are calling to check on a patient receiving care at Monash Children’s Hospital Clayton, please refrain from doing so until after 2pm Wednesday or once the move is complete.

Check back here for regular updates throughout the day.














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