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Meet Rebecca Eyers. Rebecca has been working on the new Monash Children’s Hospital project since 2014.

Rebecca’s role is Technical and Engineering Services Manager with the Department of Health and Human Services, assessing the design and installation of engineering services for compliance with the project requirements.

We caught up with Rebecca to talk about some of the features of our new Monash Children’s Hospital.

What are some of the improvements in engineering that will most benefit patients and families?

“The new Cancer Inpatient Ward will enable Monash Children’s Hospital to treat highly immunocompromised patients with specific cancers, requiring protection within a positively pressurised, HEPA filtered environment. These patients may otherwise have needed to be treated in other hospital facilities.

“The new roof mounted helipad will enable the rapid transfer of critically ill patients via the dedicated helipad lift service to the emergency department, intensive care or perioperative suite without the need for transfer via road ambulance. This will ensure that patients receive much needed treatment and care as quickly as possible.

“Diagnostic Imaging Ambient experience will provide patients with positive distraction and a calming environment – via specialist lighting, themed images and sounds, whilst they undergo imaging procedures,” said Rebecca.

What does it mean to you personally to have worked on a new children’s hospital?

“I am fortunate enough to have been involved in the design and construction of a number of hospital projects and this has always provided me with the satisfaction that I have been able to make a positive contribution to the local community.

“In the case of the new Monash Children’s Hospital, this feeling of contribution and understanding of the positive benefits to the local community is even more meaningful.

“On a personal level, as a mother of a child who has attended the existing hospital as an inpatient, I can see how the new hospital – including its large patient rooms, increased access to natural light and views, child focused interior design and positive distractions – will provide improved outcomes for patients, families and staff.”

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