These courses are only available to internal Monash Health staff.

Neoresus First Response (3hr workshop) & Neoresus Advanced Resuscitation (6 hr workshop)

A specialized training program that has been designed to standardize the way in which newborn resuscitation is taught in Victoria and other areas of Australia.

The NeoResus program comprises two skills based, teamwork focused training programs: First Response and Advanced Resuscitation. These face-to-face, multidisciplinary training programs are supported by online, evidence-based learning modules, which are completed by all program participants.

Contact Person: Dr. Risha Bhatia

Point of Return Workshop

A 3 hr workshop focusing on recognising and responding to the deteriorating paediatric patient and the escalation process.  The Point of Return workshop includes an online module to be completed pre-workshop, teamwork activities, simulation scenario and facilitated group debrief.

Contact Person: Iris Pilares


Paediatric Life Support for Healthcare Rescuers offers paediatric life support training for healthcare rescuers who may be involved in the initial resuscitation of an infant or child in respiratory or cardiac arrest.

Contact Person: Dr. Preeti Ramaswamy

Vortex Airway Course

Is aimed at senior medical staff in airway management.  This course covers vortex methodology, difficult airway plan and optimisation of each lifeline of vortex.

Contact Person: Dr. Noel Roberts


An in situ simulation program led by the Monash Newborn clinical leadership team of Monash Children’s Hospital in conjunction with MCHSim. The program provides the opportunity for Monash Health neonatal nurses and doctors to practice the technical and teamwork skills which are known to have a positive impact on the management of neonatal medical emergencies.

Contact Person: Dr Atul Malhotra

ReCAP Simulation Course

An immersive simulation course to refresh and energise the senior practitioner of Paediatric Emergency Medicine.

Incorporating workshops for dedicated skills training, updates delivered by experts, and culminating in team based scenarios to practise important skills including crisis resource management, reflective learning, and team work.

Our participants will be composed of medical and nursing staff. (6 SMS / 4 ANUM)


Fri 18 Nov 2022 – recap-flyernov18-1
Fri 25 Nov 2022 – recap-flyernov25

Monash Children’s Simulation Centre
Level 3 – Monash Children’s Hospital, 246 Clayton Road, Clayton VIC 3978

Contact Person: Dr Preeti Ramaswamy


MOST Core - Simulation-based Laparoscopy (Online Course)

This course is targeted at junior doctors who would like to increase their proficiency in core surgical skills.  The course covers core and advanced laparoscopic skills, essential skills for the operating room and engage in a simulated ward environment.

Location: Online
Date: October 24, 2022
Time: 6 weeks

Contact Person: Iris Pilares

Register: Monash Shop

Junior Doctor Intermediate to Advanced Laparoscopic Skills Course

Targeted at senior residents and surgical registrars aimed to provide participants with an introduction to advanced laparoscopic skills.  The course will focus on core laparoscopic skills, advanced laparoscopic skills and troubleshooting and common pitfalls.

Location: Monash Children’s Hospital Simulation Centre
Time: 8:30am to 5:30pm

Register: To be updated once date is confirmed

Paediatric Basic Course

A 2-day interactive course, intended for Advanced Trainees and Consultants, to prepare non-intensivists for managing the critically ill child.  The 2-day course consists of lectures, workshops and skills stations and will assist the learner to gain fundamental knowledge required for the initial pre-transport stabilisation, advanced resuscitation and intensive care management of critically ill and injured children.

Location: Monash Children’s Hospital Simulation Centre
Date: TBA
Time: Full 2-day Course

Contact Person: TBA


A combined obstetric and neonatal simulation workshop run by the educational simulation leadership teams across the two clinical departments in conjunction with MCHSim.  The workshops provide opportunities for obstetric doctors, midwives, neonatal doctors and nurses to  practice the technical and teamwork skills which are known to have a positive impact on the management of obstetric and neonatal  emergencies.

Location: Monash Children’s Hospital Simulation Centre
Date: October 26, 2022
Time: 1pm – 4pm

Contact Person: Dr. Atul Malhotra

Register: Monash Shop

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