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Monash Children’s Hospital Simulation delivers quality simulation-based education to paediatric healthcare professionals and Monash University undergraduate students.

The surgical simulation centre includes a fully functional operating theatre, as well as a simulated paediatric clinical area for delivery of immersive simulation.

The facility officially opened in May 2017. The simulation service will also encompass in situ simulation activities within Monash Health.

The Monash Children’s Hospital simulation education precinct has been established with the support of Monash University, and will allow for further development of multidisciplinary undergraduate simulation based education, as well as opportunities for joint undergraduate and postgraduate simulation based education.

The surgical simulation centre is based within the theatre complex and is in close proximity to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Monash Children’s Hospital Simulation has strong links to the well-established, and highly regarded centre of Monash Simulation. Known as the ‘go to’ place in Australia for simulation instructor training, Monash Simulation has extensive experience in all areas of simulation education, including operational management of a simulation service that responds to the education needs of Monash.

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