Jensen thrives despite rare kidney disease

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On the outside, 21 month old Jensen Cavanagh looks like a perfectly healthy little boy.

But Jensen has been sick since before he was even born, it was discovered during his mum’s 20 week scan than Jensen had renal hypoplasia, meaning his kidneys weren’t developing properly.

When Jensen was born his kidneys were the size of a few peanuts.

Today, with the help of his dedicated parents, Jensen is connected to a feeding machine for 15 hours per day, and undergoes eight hours of dialysis every night.

The ultimate goal for Jensen is to receive a kidney transplant, however he needs to weigh 10kg before the process can begin.

The energetic toddler takes everything in his stride, he is a keen golfer and doesn’t let his problems dull his enthusiasm for life!

To learn more about Jensen’s condition and to support Kidney Care at Monash Children’s Hospital, visit:

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