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Will was only four years old when he was playing cricket with some friends on a hot summer’s day. Suddenly he fell down and started to cry.

When Will’s mother realised something was seriously wrong with her little boy, she rushed him to the hospital. The medical team soon discovered that an artery in Will’s brain had cracked, sparking a stroke.

The stroke left Will unable to walk or talk. He couldn’t remember his family or friends, unable to recognise their faces. Will’s future changed forever. He left the hospital in a wheel chair, no longer able to play cricket.

That was 10 years ago. Ongoing hard work from Will, with the dedicated support of his family and the Monash Children’s Hospital medical team, Will has grown into an articulate, active young man.

Not only did Will learn to walk and talk again, but he learnt to run, jump and of course play sport. Will’s ability to imagine himself as an athlete has driven him to keep going, battling all odds to play sport again. His passion is soccer, and he is determined to make it to the Paralympics.

I can imagine running out onto the soccer pitch with the Pararoos, then scoring a goal at half time,” Will said.

Whilst still coping with some side effects of his stroke, including recent seizures, Will is nothing but positive about his future. He recently tried-out and was accepted onto the state soccer team. We can’t wait to see where it takes him!

Will can imagine a future of sporting success and his dedication to this goal drives him forward.

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