Livinia Nixon breaks the news

Livinia Nixon launched the Imagination Appeal in this special news clip produced by Channel Nine. We thank Livinia and the ongoing support from Channel Nine, letting you know how you can support Monash Children’s Hospital.

To support the Imagination Appeal and help sick children imagine a healthier future please click here.

The Imagination Animation

See the medical world through a child’s eyes in this wonderful animation. This film was made possible thanks to the generosity of DDB Melbourne and Cirkus animators.

To support patients like Tahlia so they can embrace the power of imagination to help with their treatment please click here.

The Imagination Film

Will tells his inspirational story in the Imagination Appeal Film. Will has been on a 10 year journey to recovery since he had a stroke at only four years old.

To support patients like Will treated at Monash Children’s Hospital please donate to the Imagination Appeal.

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