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The Dandelion Wishes Gala was founded in 2016 by Lincoln and Veronique Wulff to support the work of Monash Children’s Hospital, after the hospital saved the lives of their two premature babies, Ashton and Madeleine.

The Dandelion Wishes Gala has raised more than $1.2M to help purchase:

  • Transportation cots that take high needs babies from birthing suites to the neonatal intensive care unit. A first in the southern hemisphere, the cots help reduce the risk of developing chronic lung disease – a condition their son Ashton faced due to his premature birth.
  • Bedside patient entertainment and education systems. These systems provide a welcome distraction and access to activities, TV programs, movies, games, education and communication tools for patients, enabling them to stay in touch with family, friends and their school.
  • New Echocardiograph for children’s cardiac care.  The new ECHO uses Trans Oesophageal Echo (TOE), which allows for imaging of the heart from within the body, providing a 3D view of the heart. When the heart is the size of a fingernail, as can often be the case in preterm births, this detail is essential. It has been described as the difference between a torch light and a flood light and will greatly increase patient care, safety and survivability.

With your support of the 2019 Dandelion Wishes Gala, we can make a real difference to patients and families.

Support the 2019 Dandelion Wishes Gala

Join us for a spectacular evening of entertainment and fundraising. Be a part of this special night, where your collective generosity will make a difference in the lives of patients at Monash Children’s Hospital.

For more information please visit our website:


Our dedicated committee

Lincoln and Veronique Wulff, parents of five beautiful children, are the Founders and Committee Co-Chairs of the Dandelion Wishes Gala.

They are joined by a dedicated and passionate committee –

  • Maya and Rob Tesa
  • Gloria and Marcus Docherty
  • Robert and Vera Moretti
  • Kylie Whitwood
  • Chris Field
  • Edwina Dixon
  • Heidi Jennings
  • Rebecca Wolf
  • Maree Davenport
  • Sharon Lazare


For more information about the Dandelion Wishes Gala visit:


E: info@dandelionwishesgala.com.au

Please enjoy this highlights video of the 2017 event –

Dandelion Wishes Gala 2017 from DWG on Vimeo.

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