Collingwood Football Club’s special visit

 In Our Heroes

Our patients, families and staff received a special visit from Collingwood Football Club on Tuesday afternoon.

Jamie Elliot, Darcy Moore, Daniel Wells, Tom Langdon, Tim Broomhead and the team mascot spent time with children in the wards, handing out footballs and hats, and talking tactics for the football season ahead.

One special five week old managed to rub shoulders with the players before his dad – a big Collingwood fan – had the chance, making him wish he was there for the visit.

Thank you for visiting Collingwood, we loved having you here for the afternoon!

Pictured: Tim Broomhead, Daniel Wells and Darcy Moore meeting Collingwood fan Taj.

Pictured: Patient, Mason meeting players and Collingwood’s team mascot.

Pictured: Patient, Joel showing Daniel Wells and Tim Broomhead his texta collection.

Pictured: Players meeting one of their smallest fans, five week old Jacob.



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