Cleft Palate milestone

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At Monash Children’s Hospital we love seeing patients excelling in their recovery and reaching milestones.

Chase Bull visited the cleft palate team for his one week post-op check-up and he cannot wipe the smile from his face.

His split lip was detected at his mother Amanda’s 20 week ultrasound and she said from that moment on she felt reassured, supported and a sense of belonging by the team at Monash Children’s Hospital.

He had his first surgery at six months of age by Dr Chris Bennett and had ongoing support from cleft coordinator Tania Green.

“Our entire experience has given us so much gratitude and comfort not only from our cleft team but it’s also acknowledging the “behind the scenes” staff that we really appreciate: the anaesthetics, nurses in recovery and on 3a Forest ward and the volunteers that made us comfortable from spending time with Chase so us parents can have a break. We are truly overwhelmed with emotion and love with our sons new smile.” said Amanda.

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