After 174 days, Baby Harry goes home

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For first time parents Belinda and Ivan Campbell, it was hard to fathom when their baby needed to come into the world extremely early on 28 March 2017 at just 27 weeks, weighing a tiny 730 grams.

As a nurse herself, it was essential for Belinda to have her baby delivered in a hospital with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), after she was diagnosed with preeclampsia.

In his first six months of life, Baby Harry has gone through a lot to survive.

With severe lung complications, spending many weeks on ventilator, being on life support and undergoing surgery – he is a fighter.

Dr Atul Malhotra, Monash Children’s Hospital Neonatologist said, “As one of the first, sickest and most delicate patients moved into the new Monash Children’s Hospital on 19 April 2017, it took ten specially trained staff to move him across,” he said.

“Harry has done great in the last few months, he is a little trooper”.

Belinda and Ivan have a unique perspective of NICU life, having spent time in the old Monash Children’s Hospital and being part of the move.

“The new NICU is light, spacious and so comfortable. We are so grateful to the wonderful care we have received at Monash Children’s Hospital,” said Belinda.

Today Harry is happy, healthy, cute as a button and excited to see his home for the first time.

Picture: Belinda, Ivan and Harry with their NICU team

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