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Photo by Steve Tanner, Herald Sun.

Thomas Atkins has never had to visit the Monash Children’s Hospital, however he knows that many kids his age do.

To support our hard-working staff in caring for the children in our hospitals, nine year old Thomas saved up his pocket money and organised a fundraiser for the new Monash Children’s Hospital.

The fundraising event was an exhibition of Thomas’ own art work – a collection of drawings including patterns, rainbows and flowers. Thomas had some help from his brother in the production of the artworks and the exhibit was held at his primary school.

Thomas raised almost $90 through the sale of his artworks and is motivated to continue his fundraising efforts.

Proud parents James and Lisa Atkins admit that Thomas took the good deed upon himself.

“I’d like to say it is because of our parenting skills, but it’s all Thomas. He’s quite an empathetic kid,” Mrs Atkins recently told the Herald Sun.

When asked why he chose to fundraise for the Monash Children’s Hospital Thomas simply responded, “I just wanted to. They do some really good stuff there and a lot of people will go there”.

Thomas is right – over 100,000 children will visit the Monash Children’s Hospital this year alone, and our staff will provide incredible care to give our patients the best chance at a healthy future.

To join Thomas in making a difference in the lives of thousands of children at Monash Children’s Hospital, donate today.


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