Gifts in kind


Individuals or businesses that may not be in a position to provide a cash gift often demonstrate their support by donating a product or service – for which we are extremely grateful.

This may be the provision of a raffle prize, the provision of food and/or other consumables which might otherwise be an operational or event management expense to Monash Children’s Hospital. They may even provide their technical and professional skills free of charge, such as printing or marketing.

Guidelines for donation of toys to Monash Children’s Hospital

 For the benefit of our young patients, Monash Children’s Hospital adheres to strict protocols for infection control and safety. Toys that are used in the hospital environment for play education purposes must be safe and age-appropriate and able to be cleaned.

Gifts of toys that cannot be cleaned in the hospital environment – such as those that contain fabric, i.e. newly purchased soft toys or teddy bears – may be given to young patients on an individual basis and remain with that child at the bedside. The child can take these gifts home with them on discharge, however if they are left in the hospital we do need to dispose of them.

Your kind gift of new toys may be used as:

  • Gifts for individual patients which they will take home on discharge from hospital
  • Gifts for shared use by the Play Education Department in the play room, or with individual work with patients. These thoughtful donations will be the property of the Play Education Department and will be used in an ongoing manner with patients
  • Gifts that are used for patient admission bags – special gift bags given to patients on admission – and stay with the patient in the hospital and on discharge
  • Gifts for patients at Christmas, Easter or birthdays

Download the full set of guidelines which includes a list of items that are suitable for different age groups.

If you are interested in donating goods or services, please contact the Monash Health Foundation: telephone (03) 9594 2700 or email

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