Organisations small and large have given generously over the years to Monash Children’s Hospitals, with both their time and expertise.

This has enabled Monash Children’s Hospital to purchase new medical equipment, undertake major capital redevelopments, expand their clinical and surgical services and provide better patient care to thousands of children and their families across Victoria.

There are many ways that organisations can offer support, including:

  • Cash gifts or donations
    Donating money towards the purchase of specific items of medical equipment to clinical areas in need. Donations of $2 or more to Monash Children’s Hospital are tax deductible.
  • Payroll deductions and gift matching
    Some organisations have “adopted” Monash Children’s Hospital by encouraging their staff to consider regular and small deductions from their pay, which are then transferred electronically to our banking account. These employee contributions are tax deductible. Matching their employees’ commitment to Monash Children’s Hospital, companies will often match (dollar for dollar) the level of support provided by their staff.
  • Gifts in kind and pro bono services
    Businesses that may not be in the position to provide a cash gift, often demonstrate their support by donating some of their products or services. This may be the provision of a raffle prize, the provision of food and/or other consumables which might otherwise be an operational or event management expense to the Monash Children’s Hospital, or by providing their technical and professional skills free of charge (i.e. printing, marketing).
  • Event fundraising
    Local businesses and community groups sometimes choose to run a company function or social event, such as a golf day, barbecue, dinner dance or trivia night. Proceeds from such occasions are then passed onto Monash Children’s Hospital or a children’s ward or service of their choosing.

If you or your company are interested in discussing ways you might be able to support Monash Children’s Hospital, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please call our friendly Monash Health Foundation team on (03) 9594 2700 or email

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