Monash Children’s Hospital School


About the Monash Children’s Hospital School

Monash Children’s Hospital School is a Department of Education and Training school located in the new Monash Children’s Hospital. The school has been established to provide education support for children who are inpatients and/or outpatients of Monash Children’s Hospital inclusive of Early in Life Mental Health Services (ELMHS).

Monash Children’s Hospital School delivers education services alongside a patient’s treatment, recovery and reintegration. It supports patients with significant health conditions who are at-risk of disengaging from education, or who are unable to attend their regular educational setting due to their health condition. The intent of the school is to provide educational experiences and outcomes that children and young people would have had, had they not been experiencing a significant health condition. Our team work closely with the young person, their families and their regular school/educational setting to enable this.

Vision and values

School Vision

Our children and young people will have access to high quality and responsive learning support that will ensure continuity of their education regardless of their health condition.

School Values

  • Inclusion: We create a responsive and inclusive learning environment for all students facing health challenges.
  • Collaboration: We foster strong collaborations and relationships with our community partners and schools to ensure the best health, education and wellbeing outcomes for students.
  • Innovation: We are innovation focused, promoting new ways for students to learn and connect with their education.
  • Advocacy: We help students navigate their education needs and health conditions by finding them the supports they need.
  • Excellence: We persistently strive for excellence in high-quality education, resources, and support for students.

A message from the school principal

We’re excited to be offering the first Department of Education School within a children’s hospital in Australia, and it is my privilege to be its Principal.

Young people deserve access to a great school, and recovering in hospital should be no obstacle to getting the very best education. We know that schools are such an important part of a child’s support network. Students need to maintain those links and keep up with their studies, even while they’re in hospital.

Staff at Monash Children’s Hospital School offer experience and enthusiasm, are committed to their own learning and are proud members of this unique school community. Staff are exemplary role models in their relationships with colleagues, parents and students.


There is always a special bond that is developed between teacher and child. Often this will be remembered years later as the student recalls the words and deeds of a teacher that have had a long and lasting impact on him or her. In this way, teachers hold a very privileged position, one that comes with great responsibility. Our staff, both teaching and non-teaching, are aware of this and commit themselves to providing the best education for all students in our care.

The greatest focus at the school is on the people that form this richly diverse community. The relationships that are formed with members of our community are critical for a genuine and authentic education to flourish. At Monash Children’s Hospital School two key ingredients form the keystones in which all relationships are developed, nurtured and sustained. They are the characteristics of respect and trust.

Monash Children’s Hospital School has the aspiration for the children in our care to develop as competent and confident learners, secure in their sense of belonging and embracing the concept that they are responsible citizens who are shaped by, and can shape, the world in which they live.

Mr Colin Dobson
Principal, Monash Children’s Hospital School

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