Our dedicated researchers span the entire fields of medical, nursing, allied health, laboratory and public health disciplines. Working together with our Monash Partners collaborators, our research teams aim to improve the health of our most vulnerable babies and children, as well as the entire population. Research is vital to finding cure to disease and improved ways of treating disease. Your donation to the Imagination Appeal supports research that could improve health outcomes for generations to come.




In the past year donors have helped us provide transportation cribs to move premature babies from birthing suites to surgery, interactive entertainment systems to keep MRI patients calm, avoiding the need for general anesthetic and biliblankets for the treatment of babies suffering from jaundice, to name a few. The need for more and new medical equipment is constant. Donate to the Imagination Appeal to ensure we can continue to invest in additional equipment for patients.


Comfort for patients and their families

Going to hospital is often one of the hardest experiences a family will go through. The Monash Children’s Hospital has been designed with patients and their families in mind, bringing light and love to clinical spaces wherever possible. Our generous donors have helped us imagine a hospital where children can remain calm whilst receiving the world’s best care. To provide comfort for patients and their families, often experiencing some of the hardest times of their lives, donate to the Imagination Appeal today.

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