About the Imagination Appeal


We believe in the power of imagination

Imagination inspires cures for illness.
Imagination inspires new treatments for patients.
Imagination gives hope.

Welcome to the Imagination Appeal – your opportunity to help sick children imagine a healthier future. By donating to the Imagination Appeal, you will help patients like the brave Will Clemens. Watch this inspiring film about Will’s 10 year recovery journey, using the power of imagination to achieve his dreams.

The funds raised through the Imagination Appeal will support the purchase of new medical equipment, research projects to find cures, training and development programs for staff, and well-being initiatives for thousands of patients like Will who need your help.

With the power of imagination you will help support over 100,000 sick kids every year. You will support the imagination of researchers to find cures to illness and the imagination of patients to achieve their dreams for a healthier future. Let’s make imaginings reality, let’s give sick kids hope for a healthier future. Join us to imagine a healthier future for sick children.

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