Imagination Appeal Take Off

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Join us and imagine a healthier future for sick children. The Imagination Appeal has launched! We invite you to click on the button above and watch a wonderful animation which celebrates the launch, and takes you on a journey into space. This animation demonstrates the power of imagination – helping our patients treated at Monash Children’s Hospital.

Our new Monash Children’s Hospital has been designed to capture children’s imagination, helping them to cope and recover from their illness more quickly and with better outcomes. We know that sometimes imagination is the best medicine.

With a growing population in Victoria, the Monash Children’s Hospital needs your support to give all sick kids the best possible chance at a healthy future. Every day the families of our patients imagine the best outcome for their children. Every day our doctors imagine how new cutting edge medical equipment can help their patients. Every day our researchers imagine new ways to find cures, improve treatments and increase understanding of disease. Every day our medical teams imagine the best possible way to care for our patients and their families.

Every day your donation can impact a sick child who needs our help. Your donation to the Imagination Appeal can help thousands of children in our care every year. Imagine what we could achieve together! Donate now  to support sick children at Monash Children’s Hospital.

The funds raised through the Imagination Appeal will support the purchase of new medical equipment, research projects to find cures, training and development programs for staff, and well-being initiatives for thousands of patients and their families.

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