Images and design features

View from TRF Novemebr 2015_2

Key design features of the new Monash Children’s Hospital will include:

  • On-site accommodation for families in emergency circumstances
  • A range of accommodation in close proximity for regional and travelling families
  • Separate entertainment spaces catering for different ages, including both indoor and outdoor play areas and break-out areas for older adolescents
  • Pet visiting space
  • Access to natural light, fresh air and views throughout the hospital.

Our dragonfly 

Like our Monash Children’s Hospital dandelion, the dragonfly feature on our new hospital symbolises hope, strength, change and resilience.

The dragonfly rests on our new Monash Children’s Hospital, just as a real dragonfly would rest lightly on one’s shoulder – a gentle reminder to reconnect with our strength, courage and happiness.

Did you know?
Our beautiful dragonfly lights up at night.

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