Thomas’ story

Photo by Steve Tanner, Herald Sun. Thomas Atkins has never had to visit the Monash Children’s Hospital, however he knows that many kids his age do. To support our hard-working staff in [...]

Sophie’s story

Each year, more than 950 children in Australia are diagnosed with cancer. The Monash Children’s Hospital Cancer Centre currently treats 79 children who have been diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to [...]

Will’s story

It took Will Brown almost a year to recover from a terrible football injury that left him with a badly broken leg. The first thing the nine-year-old did when he was back on his feet was thank the [...]

Monica’s Journey

Monica Blok was 37 weeks pregnant and in inpatient when she was rushed to theatre at Monash Medical Centre for an emergency caesarean section. Her beautiful baby, Evie, was born within 30 [...]

Vanessa’s Journey

In 2014 Vanessa Miranda’s 14-year old daughter, Taylah, was diagnosed with leukaemia. “Before, we thought childhood cancer happened to other families – not ours,” Vanessa said. “We entered [...]

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