Volunteering FAQs

Who can volunteer?

If you meet our eligibility criteria you are welcome. We are proud that our volunteers come from all walks of life, all ages and ethnic and religious backgrounds. We seek volunteers that have a mature and caring attitude. Volunteers who speak languages other than English are appreciated. The full eligibility criteria is listed here.

What is expected of me as a volunteer?

All volunteers at Monash Children’s Hospital must:

  • demonstrate Monash Health’s values of integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence
  • be punctual and reliable
  • respect the confidentiality and privacy of patients and their families
  • respect cultural differences
  • work cooperatively with staff and act as part of a team
  • wear hospital identification while on duty
  • wear appropriate clothing or uniform
  • maintain standards of safety and infection control
Where can I volunteer?

The Monash Health volunteer services program operates across five sites (including the Monash Children’s Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, Dandenong Hospital, Casey Hospital, Moorabbin Hospital and Kingston Centre) and community care-based services.

What support is given to me as a volunteer?

A formal induction to Monash Health, orientation, training and ongoing support is provided. Volunteer coordinators are also available to provide ongoing support and assistance.

How much commitment is required?

Different roles will have slightly different requirements, but generally, volunteers are required to commit to a regular 4 hour shift each week for at least 12 months (time off if you are unwell and holidays are of course encouraged).

How much experience is needed?

While previous volunteer experience is highly regarded, this is by no means a requirement. We encourage a diverse range of applicants and all volunteers receive training as required. No medical knowledge or expertise is required.

What sort of roles need to be filled?

Positions include guiding patients and visitors around the hospital, playing games with children whilst parents take a break, assisting with fundraising events, or administrative support in many hospital departments. In our hospitals they:

  • provide support in our emergency departments
  • help in the children’s wards
  • pet visits to the children’s wards
  • provide social support
  • provide casual administrative support
  • assist with our historical collection and
  • offer shopping, library and flower services to patients.

Our volunteer coordinators can help you to identify the area best suited to your skills and interests.

Do you offer work experience or work placements?

For queries regarding work experience and work placements, contact Monash Health People and Culture on 03 9265 2752 or refer to the Monash Health Careers page.

Can I fundraise for the Monash Children’s Hospital?

Fundraising is another way you can support of Monash Children’s Hospital. Fundraising events can be as small or as big as you like:

  • Hold a healthy BBQ, picnic, morning tea or breakfast
  • Organise a trivia night or movie night
  • Organise a Fun Run, Walk or Swim
  • Come up with something new and fun!

Please contact the Monash Children’s Hospital Foundation on 03 9594 2700 to find out about fundraising.

Corporate volunteering

Monash Health welcomes and invites corporate and business support with their involvement in a range of activities to support its programs. Contact: Jacquie McBride via email at jacquie.mcbride@monashhealth.org or phone on 0420 971 782.


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