Teaching and learning program


The teaching and learning program is run throughout the hospital and is provided to inpatient and outpatients of Monash Children’s Hospital.


  1. To provide an individualised program that provides continuity with the student’s learning and keeps the student connected with their current or new educational environment.
  2. To develop a relevant and challenging program in which students are capable of learning through an individualised approach which responds to their unique needs.
  3. To build a safe and supportive environment and culture, one that promotes positive relationships, values diversity and supports the development of students’ social and emotional skills and dispositions.
  4. To provide an allocation of resources (human, financial, time, space, materials) that promotes optimal student outcomes (achievement, engagement and wellbeing).

Teaching occurs through a variety of formats:

  • One-on-one classes at the patient’s bedside and on the ward.
  • Small group learning experiences, which take place on the wards and in specific activity rooms.
  • ‘Class room’ learning with groups of up to ten students, which are run in the Children’s Learning Centre. This space is comprised of four learning spaces and an art room.
  • Virtual learning facilitated through laptops and iPads, which enable students to stay connected to their regular school/educational setting.

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