Referral to Fellow in Community Child Health
– authorised referrers only

Welcome to the Paediatric Fellow in Community Child Health E-Referral Service.
If you are unable to use it, you can fax a paper referral form to (03) 8572 3007.

Please read carefully for referral guidelines and key information below:

The Paediatric Fellow you are referring to:

  • Is an Advanced Trainee in Paediatrics
  • Receives off-site supervision by a Consultant Paediatrician
  • Is employed through Monash Children’s Hospital
  • Works in various community sites, usually for 6-12 months
  • Will aim to contact referrers to communicate their findings and recommendations
  • May decline your referral depending on capacity; in this situation you will be directly notified, and alternative arrangements suggested


  • Should be made to access medical assessment for children in areas of need in the community (eg. sleep, behaviour, learning, development)
  • Should not be urgent in nature (e.g. rapid weight loss); in rare circumstances, an urgent referral may be considered if you have contacted the Paediatric Fellow directly already and discussed it with them
  • Can come from any health/educational/relevant organisation professional. Examples include Allied Health, teachers, GPs, school nurses, maternal child health nurses, and early childhood intervention staff. Referrals directly from parents/guardians will not be accepted.


  • Should fully complete the referral form and provide as much relevant information as possible. Providing multiple means of contacting the family and the referrer is very important.
  • With concerns about developmental delays should continue to make ECIS or Monash Health Community referrals and/or hearing test referrals whilst waiting for the Fellow to review
  • Should explain the model of the Paediatric Fellow Clinic to the patient/family
  • Are required to organise an interpreter for the appointment if the patient/family requires it

Clinic model:

  • The model of the clinic is to review children one to four times to:
    • determine the nature of the problem,
    • structure management and
    • refer on to other paediatric services for longer term support as needed.
  • There is no cost to families. They do not require Medicare, citizenship etc.
  • There is no role for long term follow up through this clinic. If a long-term Paediatrician will be required, please ask the family to find one through their GP whilst waiting for the Fellow to review.

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